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Experience an unforgettable Adventure.
Natural beauty,fascinating traditions and heartfelt
hospitality make Oman a country you really should get to know better.
Fromluxurious 5 star beach resorts to sleeping under the stars in the desert,Omans diverse landscapes willtake your breath away.
Adventure seekers can explore some of the worlds largest caves,discover spectacular diving spots, Kite Sur, Mountaineer,Quadbike through the desert or simply watch the world float by aboard a Dhow.Vibrant Souks sell traditional silverware,spices and Omani Dresses.
Treat your senses to an adventure with a difference!!


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Welcome to Iceland an unforgettable Adventure.
Teetering on the edge of the Artic, only a three hour flight from the U.K.This staggeringly beautiful country is home to some of the worlds greatest natural wonders.
Feel the power of immense waterfalls tumbling into mighty rivers,travel through dramatic landscapes crafted by thousands of years of volcanic activity.
Admire the beauty of the biggest ice-cap outside the poles, or journey into remote countryside for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the incredible Northern Lights dancing across the night sky.


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Experience the Northern Lights
From late Autumn to early spring the northern
skies come alive with the flickering neon lights of
the Aurora Borealis-the elusive Northern Lights which
captivate both travelers and scientists alike.
The result is a magical lightshow and once-in-a=
lifetime travel experience.
Iceland affords superb opportinities to witness
the incredible natural phenomenon, whether you
choose a Reykjavic city break,romantic countryside
retreat or specially designed escorted group tour.
The Blue Lagoon
Located just 40 minutes from
Downtown Reykjavik the Blue Lagoon
is one of Icelands top Attractions.
Situated in the middle of a black
lava field, the mineral rich
geothermal seawater comes from holes
as deep as 2,000 metres, filling the
natural spa with its iconic bright
blue water.
Whale Watching
Iceland provides some of the best Whale
Watching in the world with more than 20 species
being recorded in Icelandic waters. An excursion
from Reykjavics historic harbour is a must.
Depending on the season it is possible to see Minke
and Humpback Whales,White Beaked Dolphins,
Harbour Porpoises and various seabirds such as
Puffins, Gannets,Guilemotts,Gulls,Kittewakes,
Artic Terns and many more.
Active Excursions
Clacier Hike & Ice Climbing
Journey to the frozen tongue that is
Solheimajokull - a rugged ever changing hub
of ancient frozen water.Explore the crevasse
riddled outlet glacier with its amazing ice
formations, sink holes and jagged ridges and
stop at an ice wall to try climbing with ice
axes. An experienced glacier guide is on hand
throughout and all equipment is provided.
The Icelandic horse can be traced right back to the
settlement of the country in the 9th century and the breed has remained pure for over a thousand yeras.Today there are close to 80,000 horses in Iceland, known for their intelligence and good temperament.
The riding centre is set in beautiful countryside just outside the townof Hafnarfjorour, only 10 minutes drive from
Reykjavik.Riders are provided with warm overalls,raingear,
riding boots and helmets, and the knowledgeable staff take pride in selecting horses to suit individual riders needs.
Lava Horse Riding Tour
Ideal for beginners as well as for more
experienced riders, this scenic ride uses
excellent pathsthrough lavea fields and along
the beautiful green hillsides that surround
the Ishestar Riding Centre. Experience the
impressive tolt-a smooth four-beat gait - which
is the speciality of the Icelandic horse, on
this popular riding tour.
(Year round daily approx 3 hours 1.5 hrs riding)
Midnight Sun Riding
In the height of Summer the Icelandic
sun never fully sets, and the dramatic
landscape takes on a magical glow.Departing
the Riding Centre at 10pm, enjoy the
spectacular, unique experience of riding one
of the centres beautiful horses under the
midnight sun surrounded by lava formations
and the rugged backdrop of rural iceland.
Northern lights Riding
Seeing the Aurora is an incredible
experience,and to witness this natural
phenomenon on horseback is a very spevial
opportunity for horse lovers ans nature
lovers alike.Ride out into the night to
search for the dancing neon lights in the
remote countryside setting,as your
experienced horse navigates the lava-formed

CENTRAL AMERICA - Small Contries..great experiences!
Belize-Costa Rica-El Salvador-Guatemala-Honduras-Nicaragua-Panama.

Wrapped by the warmth of its people,humid tropical forests,giant tortoises,desert islands,underwater worlds and the strength of the colours of nature.Central America wakes up between water,fire and the intense red from the heart of its countless volcanoes and intermingles with
the calm blue of rivers,lakes and oceans.
Belize,Costa Rica,El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama ... are full of life and genuineness,gathering 8% of the total biodiversity of the planet,in only 1%of the earths surface!
Welcome to Belize a Small Country with a Big Heart.
Located on the east coast of Central America along the Caribbean Shoreline, bordering with Guatemala and Mexico, this precious country offers paradisiacal, white sand beaches and turquoise waters which cover the world's second longest barrier coral reef.
However, in besides being the dream country for divers, Belize holds a treasure trove of secrets for adventure lovers, archaeology and rainforest enthusiasts.


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of what BELIZE has to offer.

Belize shares a wealth of Maya heritage with
Guatemala, México and is considered to be the
heart of this civilization during the classic
Although Maya occupation of Belize began in the
year 1,500 BC, it is believed that during the
classic period (250 to 900 AD) when the
population surpassed one million persons,
leaving archaeological remains like ceramics,
steles,palaces, temples and ceremonial centres.
It is estimated that there are thousands of
Maya Ruins in Belize, although only a few have
been found and excavated. We propose a route
for you to visit the most important sites and
while you are at it, do not overlook the legends
and their history: their gods, their beliefs and
their wisdom.

This precious country, overflowing
with live natural resources, with
40% of its natural and marine
territory defined as protected areas,
has a wide variety of fauna, such as
the jaguar, the puma, the ocelot, the
armadillo, the tapir and the crocodile,
500 avian species and more than 4000
species of tropical flowers, including
some 250 types of orchid.
You will find a number of parks and
natural reserves all over the country.
The following is a north to south route
for you to visit some of the most important
of them:

Paradise is in Belize. There is no doubt
that if you like fine white sand, crystal
clear and turquoise water and coconut groves,
Belize is for you. A wide variety of water
sports await you, such as snorkelling, skin
diving, windsurfing or sports fishing, for
your dream vacations.
Did you know Belize has the worlds second
largest coral reef? This coral reef also
contains the Blue Hole, which was created
when the ice melted and the sea level rose,
flooding the caverns and creating one of
the most dreamed of sites for biologists
and divers alike
The inoffensive Whale Shark is the largest
fish in the sea and lives in meso- American
waters for 9 months out of the year?

Costa Rica is the ideal tropical paradise for your vacation. Tourists can enjoy the pristine beaches and see whales and dolphins play. For Nature lovers there is a great variety of exotic wildlife and tropical plants. Butterflies and orchids, crocodiles and sharks, turtles and Toucans´ are everywhere. The rainforest covering the mountains are a paradise for eco tourism.
Life is good in Costa Rica, a friendly, democratic and peaceful country.
For action vacation you can surf, hike, do rafting, canopying, diving, deepwater fishing and snorkeling. You can go with a low budget or seek the more exclusive resorts.
For relaxation there are beautiful unique golf courses and luxury spas. The hotels have all the modern comforts in the most private and secluded environments.



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of what COSTA RICA has to offer.

A true adventurer's trip with the chance to
dive underwater reefs, brave river rapids,
and trek deep into remote jungles,
Explore world-renowned nature reserves,
discover exotic local wildlife, zip-line
high through cloud forests, and enjoy long
white-sand beaches and clear blue waters.
Listen to the rumble of Arenal Volcano,
Costa Rica has some of the best Sport Fishing
in the world. Whatever you desire from
Adventure to relaxing on the beach Costa Rica
has it all.
Thanks to its unique geography and
rich diversity of flora and fauna,
Costa Rica is the home to over 200
mammal species and about 850 species
 of birds. Other tropical animals
include monkeys, sloths, frogs,
toucans and jaguars. National parks
and animal refuges are the best
places to spot wildlife - a walk
with a local guide is recommended
for an unforgettable experience.
 Costa Rica has some of the best Sport Fishing
in the world. The Pacific side has incredible
fishing for Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado, Tuna,
Wahoo, Roosterfish, Snapper, and more. The
Caribbean side and Northern regions of Costa
Rica are famous for big Tarpon and big Snook.
Read more about Costa Rica Fishing with Daily
Fishing Reports for Los Suenos Marina, Jaco
Beach and the rest of Costa Rica.
ARCHAELOGICAL ROUTE:-El Salvador has many archaeological sights that are part of the Ruta Maya. - Tazumal,San Andres and Cihuatan.The Maya.Pipil and Lenca civilisations formed settlements in this land,which still retain some of their ceremonial centres such as Joya de Ceren declared a World Heritage Sight,a place that lets you know the daily life of a Mayan farmers village....FLOWER ROUTE:-A pleasant journey from Sonsonate to Ahuachapán comprising 5 destinations - Salcoatitan ,Nahuizaico, Apaneca and Concepcion de Ataco.All of them are places of matchless natural beauty, cultural traditions and where you can also find the most diverse architecture, cuisine and handicrafts. Squares and churches are preserved until today, as in colonial times. In addition to very beautiful natural landscapes, in this area we find archaeological site of Santa Leticia 2,600 years old.



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of what EL SALVADOR has to offer.

In El Salvador there are many archeological
sites that are part of the Ruta Maya:-
Tazumal,San Andres and Cihuatan. The
Maya,Pipil and Lenca
formed settlements in this land, which still
retain some of their ceremonial centers such
as Joya de Ceren declared a
World Heritage site, a place that lets you
know the daily life of a Mayan Farmers Village.
A pleasant journey from Sonsonate
to Ahuachapán comprising 5 destinations
and Concepcion de Ataco
All of them
are places of matchless natural beauty,
cultural traditions and also the most diverse
architecture, cuisine and handicrafts.
Squares and churches are preserved until
today, as in colonial times. In addition
to very beautiful natural landscapes, in
this area we find the archeological site
of Santa Leticia, 2,600 years old.
The majestic and highest volcano in El Salvador
Santa Ana Volcanowhich can be
observed fromCerro Verde with an
estimated age of 25,000 years. One of the worlds
youngest volcanoesIzalco Volcano
is adjacent to the 2 volcanoes already mentioned
which can be climbed in approximately 2 hours.
San Salvador, San Miguel,San Vincente,
Guazapa,Chingo,Tecapa, Chinamega,Usulatan,
Conchagua and Volcan of La Laguna Verde.
El Salvador- The Amazing Land of Volcanoes!

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